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Hearing aids opened my ears to a new world of sounds. Then I quit wearing them

Like most people, I’d had a preconceived notion of who or what a “deaf” person was. So, when I was 15 and a mysterious woman came into my school, pulled me from a lesson and told me I’d been mishearing things my entire life, I was confused to say the least. She was an assigned “teacher of the deaf” from South Tyneside council – the seaside area where I grew up just outside Newcastle – and my GP had informed her that I had substantial hearing loss.

The story of RaD Magazine, UK skateboarding’s seminal title

If you were a British skateboarder in the late ’80s, early ’90s, then you probably read RaD magazine. Or, its previous incarnation: BMX Action Bike. For Tim Leighton-Boyce, RaD’s editor, skateboarding was always the primary interest. A photographer himself, he felt that skate photography offered more than its BMX-leaning equivalent. Issue by issue, he began sneaking more skateboarding content into the magazine. “Effectively, we were hijacking a BMX magazine for skateboarding,” he remembers.
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